Make-Up:  $80 (includes false lashes if wanted)
Indian Wedding (2 Days):  $200 // trial session + 2 days = $260
Application of false lashes only:  $15 (includes lashes)
Trial and Wedding Day Make-Up:  $150 (plus any additional travel fees)

TRIAL SESSIONS:  I highly recommend scheduling a trial session, especially if you plan to wear your make-up in a style you’ve never worn.  The day of your wedding will be very busy and a trial session ensures us time to experiment and find the exact look that works for you.  You’ll feel much more confident and relaxed knowing that your hair and/or make-up will look exactly as you envisioned it would.

The cost for a trial session is $70.  However, if you are located outside of the Tamarindo/Langosta area, travel fees will apply (please see below).

TRAVEL FEES:  There is no travel fee for weddings or trial sessions scheduled in Tamarindo or Langosta.  The following pricing is for other locations (wedding day only/wedding day + trial).

Please contact me for travel pricing for locations not listed below:

Playa Grande $40 / $60 Brasilito $30 / $45
Hacienda Pinilla $35 / $50 Flamingo $35 / $50
Playa Avellanas $35 / $50 Sugar Beach $35 / $50
Playa Negra $40 / $60 Ocotal $65 / $95
Portrero $35 / $50 Papagayo $100 / $145
Playa del Coco $60 / $90  Reserva Conchal $30 / $45

DEPOSITS:  A $70 deposit is required to reserve your date.  The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your total bill for services.  This deposit can be paid via PayPal.  Your date is not reserved until this deposit is received.

PAYMENT:  Payment for the full amount due must be made 1 month prior to your wedding date.  I accept payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  I will check in with you 2 months before your wedding to confirm the headcount.  The numbers provided by you will be used to execute your service contract.  I require a signed contract back within 1 month of your wedding date.  Once this contract is signed and returned there are no cancellations and you agree to the terms and services contained herein.  Add on appointments can be made at any time.


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