Marisa & Josh

I met with Marisa prior to her wedding to do a trial make-up session.  She had a pre-ceremony photo shoot scheduled so it worked out well that she’d have her make-up done for those photos as well.

I love when the bride chooses to do a trial session.  It gives us an opportunity to meet face-to-face after months of chatting on-line, and provides a non-rushed environment to get to know each other a bit more and work on the desired look.  The wedding day is much more relaxed knowing we’re on track with the timing and both confident of what the desired look will be. 

The wedding day started out stormy, with rain and heavy thunder.  Marisa stayed calm, and as the day progressed, the parts clouded and the rain Gods made way for the famous Costa Rica sunset.

Marisa’s very kind review:  “Tricia is a true master! She did my makeup for my wedding in Costa Rica, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Everything throughout the process starting with booking the appointment to the day of the wedding was easy and stress free. I showed her a few photos of the look I was going for and told her what colors I felt most comfortable wearing, and she nailed the look. I was also really impressed with how fast she was! Even during the trial session, she was punctual, very efficient, and she was done in about 30 minutes. If you’re looking for a make up artist who’s beyond talented, really friendly and cool, and affordable then work with Tricia!?”

Hair:  Famous Points Beauty

Planner:  Four Nineteen Weddings

Photos:  Daniel Lopez Perez

Paula and Tuto

Both Paula and Tuto are young doctors (interpreted “no time to barely even sleep”), so much of the planning and coordinating was done by her amazing mom, Lily.

Paula, (again because she’s a young doctor) doesn’t usually devote lots of time to dolling herself up for work!  So getting to meet her for her trial session and the wedding day was extra fun because of course she wanted to look like herself, very natural, but it was also really important that she look like she was getting married that day as well.  😉  With those big blue eyes and dark hair, it wasn’t a hard task to bring out the best in her with minimal make-up.

Costa Rica Wedding Make Up ArtistCosta Rica Wedding Bridal Make UpCosta Rica Wedding Make Up ArtistCosta Rica Wedding Make Up ArtistCosta Rica Wedding Bridal Make Up
Costa Rica Wedding Bridal Make Up
Costa Rica Wedding Bridal Make Up Costa Rica Wedding Bridal Make Up Costa Rica Wedding Bridal Make Up Costa Rica Wedding Bridal Make Up

Lily sent these kind words after the wedding which made me smile from ear to ear:

(English below:) “No quería que pasara un día mas sin agradecerles el cariño y dedicación con el que nos atendieron a todas el sábado. Paula se veía espectacular, creo que no pudimos haber escogido mejores personas. Les cuento que la ceremonia estuvo preciosa y la fiesta también. Todas pasamos hasta el final perfectamente maquilladas.  Gracias por haber contribuido a que este día fuera tan especial, y a que todas nos viéramos como princesas desde el fondo de mi corazón.”

“I didn’t want another day to pass without thanking you for the caring and dedication with which you attended us all on Saturday. Paula looked spectacular, we could not have picked better people.  The ceremony was beautiful and the party too. We all went to the finish perfectly made-up. Thank you for contributing to make this day so special, and for all of us to look like princesses from the bottom of my heart.”

Planner:  Four Nineteen Weddings
Hair Styling:  Famous Points Beauty
Photographer:  Sylvia Guardia

Bridesmaid’s Gifts

Most of my wedding clients don’t know that my full time job is as a jewelry designer.  I have a line named Urban Eclectic Jewelry and have a boutique in Tamarindo.  I’ve tried for years to somehow tie the two businesses together – you’d think it would be an easy transition considering I’m already immersed in both industries.  You’d be surprised 🙂

I keep telling myself that I’m going to develop a line of “wedding jewelry”, but it just never seems to come to fruition.  Which is why when situations do bring the two loves together, it makes me happy!!

Two weeks ago I had a couple come through the boutique who were honeymooning here in Costa Rica.  The bride purchased a few of my chunk leather cuffs for herself, but then decided to custom order additional cuffs as gifts for her bridesmaids.

Each is a one of kind piece and a great reminder of the special day.

Edible Art

This is totally off the topic of beauty, but we recently did a wedding and the cake was just so gorgeous that I had to take some pics and post them here. It was a spectacular double layer cake with white frosting and what I thought were real orchids. But come to find out, they were not real, they were sculpted frosting.  

Tell me that’s not gorgeous?!?

It was made by Victoria Zoch.  To see more of her of beautiful works of art – check her out on Facebook.

White Wire Crochet Earrings

I’m a huge Etsy addict — probably in need of a 12 step program!  It constantly amazes me how many truly creative artists there are out there.  If you haven’t browsed wedding items on Etsy, you must!  There are so many unique handmade items and it’s a great way to support independent artists. 

I stumbled across these gorgeous white wire crochet earrings made by Albina Rose and thought they were so delicate and unique.  They are available in white or cream.


Wedding Crown

My full time, everyday job is as a jewelry designer.  I have a boutique here in Tamarindo named De Bajo La Escalera where I sell my handmade jewelry, accessories and customized t-shirts.  I’ve been trying to connect the dots between the wedding biz and the jewelry biz and develop a line of wedding accessories.  That hasn’t exactly come to fruition yet, so when I recently received an order to create a wedding crown I was really excited to take the first step in that direction.
My client’s friend (who was Swedish) was getting married and she wanted to gift her at the wedding shower with a wire wrapped Swedish wedding crown.  I didn’t know what a Swedish wedding crown looked like, so of course I Googled it (what did we do before Google for God’s sake?) to find images and also perused crowns on Etsy to get some ideas about shape and size.  Since I’d never made anything like this, I was definitely was on board for a bit of a mental and artistic challenge!!

She shared her ideas with me and together we came up with a basic goal to work towards.  Next, I attempted to sketch up the design, however, drawing is absolutely not my gift.  Luckily after a few attempts, I was able to doodle up something that somewhat resembled what I had in my head.

Although I have lots of experience forming things with wire, I’ve never made a crown before, so I had to put a bit of thought into how to construct the frame and then how to structure it so that it was durable as well as beautiful.

After constructing the frame and the first bit of wiring to stabilize it, I sent some photos.  We decided that after each “row” of wrapping I’d check in with some photos until she felt we had what she had envisioned.  We wanted it to be structured around the base, but definitely keep a feeling of airiness as well.

After one row…..

 After the second….

……third and final…..

We stopped after three rows, but if someone wanted a very ornate one, the wiring could have been taken all the way up, or even had a few beads or rhinestones thrown in.  Hmmmmm, I may have found my new pastime, constructing crowns for all the fairy princesses out there.