Product Rave

I’m not one to pimp products all that often, however, I recently got a chance to try a new foundation and it was so remarkable that I’ve gotta’ share this.

Dior Airflash Spray Foundation

I normally use a combination of Bare Minerals, Benefit or whatever my client may bring that she loves to use.  The heat and the humidity here are definitely something that works against make-up and let’s face it – you ladies want to look flawless in real life — not just on the Photo Shopped pictures.  So even if you don’t normally wear a foundation, some sort of light coverage is always a good idea.

It must have been meant to be that I find this because first, a bride that I’m doing next month told me about it and sent me a tutorial video.  I was pretty impressed by the video, it looked like a great product.  Then this past weekend, the sister of the bride brought it for me to use on her.  It’s her daily foundation.  Girls, let me just tell you what aaammmazing coverage this foundation has.  Not only that, but it’s light, feather-light.  I don’t do airbrushed make-up but this foundation is the next best thing, it looks absolutely flawless.

It seems like it’s a little costly at $62 a bottle, however, the make-up artist in the video made an excellent point, you get 2.3 oz. where as most other foundations come in a 1 oz. bottle with prices around $40.  So when you look at it that way, it’s really not that pricey.

So, to all you ladies that are reading this and are scheduling an appointment with me, I’d love to use this product on you.  Problem is, it’s not available in Costa Rica and it can’t be received by mail due to customs restrictions (long, stupid story!).  If you’re interested in this, please contact me about bringing it for your appointment, and I will purchase it from you upon arrival and do a trade for your make-up cost.

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