Hailey & Donnie

Hailey & Donnie had a beautiful morning wedding at Casa Muy Grande in Playa Grande.  They opted for an intimate guest list consisting of only their parents and siblings.  When I got the call for an October wedding (the rainest month of the year here) I kept my fingers crossed for sun.  As the wedding Gods would have it, Costa Rica sunshine beat down all day like the middle of summer!  It was meant to be!
I had a great time chatting with Hailey, her mom and her (almost) mother-in-law while getting her ready.  Both sets of parents have been married over 30 years and her in-laws were actually celebrating their anniversary on this trip. I love this photo that they took of them holding their parents’ wedding photos!

We used Urban Decay’s Virgin, Sin, Smog and Sidecar eye shadow along with dark brown and black cake liner to create this look.

It turned out beautifully!!!

Jonathan of Costa Vida Photography worked his magic behind the camera capturing all the special moments (not to mention the yummy looking food catered by Joe Comfort).  To view more photos, visit Jonathan’s blog:

Wedding coordinator Kirsten of Four Winds Weddings (as usual) styled this wedding like something straight out of a magazine!  I always love seeing her set-ups, she’s definitely got the beach chic thing down!!  She also has some additional photos of Hailey & Donnie’s wedding posted on her blog:


One thought on “Hailey & Donnie

  1. Tricia, Thank you and Nick for your time spent with Hailey, her new MIL Juanita, and myself! It was a beautiful day without a drop of rain! The wedding was perfect in so many ways and you and Nick helped start the day off right! Sandra

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