Rachel & Sandy

Rachel was a blast to say the least.  A laid back and ultra relaxed bride — well maybe a little too relaxed.  🙂 So relaxed that they forgot her wedding dress at home, missed flights and then, as we were getting her all gorgeous, realizing they had left the groom’s pants at home.  But there was nothing that was going to ruin their day.  She looked amazing!  Photographer Syliva Guardia did an awesome job of capturing the happiness oozing from this couple!


Sidenote:  Rachel opted to have long wearing lash extensions applied before her trip.  This is a great option to wearing false eyelashes.  They are water resistant, they don’t get complicated with the humidity and look amazing.

Wedding Coordination by Donna, Pura Vida Weddings
Location:  Hotel Capitan Suizo, Tamarindo
Photographer:  Sylvia Guardia

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